The Pros And Cons Of Installing Wall Panels

There is no denial about the fact that everything in this world comes with its pros and cons. It is just that in some cases the pros overshadow cons while in other cases the cons exceed pros. On the basis of these pros and cons, the product is either considered to be good or bad. We are fortunate enough to live in times where we have been provided with such opportunities that we can construct our homes, buildings and other such places in the best way possible. Not only that but we have also been introduced with such techniques that we can enhance the overall look of our house and can protect it from being affected from different weather conditions. Wall panels are one such kind of structures that have been proved to be quite productive. We will be discussing about the pros and cons of installing these wall panels.

Wall panels:

Wall panels can be defined as the covering that is installed on another wall. These are long, slab like single piece that is installed on a wall in such way that it fulfils the requirements of the person. You must have been wondering that why do we need to install a panel on already existing wall. Well! The answer to your question is that many a times we come across such situations where our walls get affected by the continuous rain fall or scorching heat while in some cases it becomes humid or moils. In such cases, there must be some covering or protection that can protect the wall form getting affected. This protective covering is wall panel. See here for further information regarding timber weatherboard.

The pros and cons of installing wall panels:

There are multiple numbers of pros and few cons of installing wall panels. One of the main function or advantage of installing wall panels is that it protects the wall from getting affected because of the weather conditions. Another plus point about the installation of these wall panels is that they enhance the look of the house. Moreover, these wall panels are quite long lasting and can last as long as about sixty years or even more. In addition to the previously mentioned advantages, wall panels can easily be maintained as well. The only disadvantage of installing wall panels is that there are chances that these wall panels can develop rot because they are made up of wood and are prone to rot.


Wall panels are the rectangular, one piece structure that is mostly made up of wood. These wall panels are installed on a wall in order to protect it from humidity or moisture. There are various numbers of advantages and some disadvantages of installing these wall panels. The advantages vary from their durability to their amazing aesthetic appeal and their ability to rot is a disadvantage that is found in these wall panels. “Weather tex” offers the best quality of architectural panels in NZ and wall panels all across the New Zealand.