Can You Yourself Install The Shower Screens?

Although it is always a good idea to hire the right person for the right job so that the job is done effectively but if due to some reason the professional person could not be available or if you have the right expertise then you can have the shower screen installed by knowing some simple steps and DIY tips. Installing a shower screen from Young Shower Screens is however very much simple and not as difficult as one would think.

First of all, before installation, you need to know which kind of shower screen you are going to install since it has various types and these are even in different shapes. This could either be fixed or sliding glass door or any other. Since these are modern alternative to the shower curtain and therefore, these are also installed straight.

Whenever your shower screen is being delivered to your house, always unpack it as soon as you can and check it thoroughly so that if any part of it is missing or damaged, you can report it immediately so that it is replaced. Next thing you need to know is the tools that you require for the installation of the shower screen. Common kind of tools that you need are the drill machine, hammer, measuring tape, pencil, screwdriver and possible a gun. Make sure that all these are available before you start working so that you do not have to go for looking any of these during your work. The estimated time that requires for installing the shower screen is usually 30 minutes.

First is that you drill the wall channel. In most of the cases, these are pre drilled. Before drilling, it is good to have the walls marked and then you need to check whether there are any wires or pipes in the area of the wall in which you are drilling and be careful so that the holes which are drilled are drilled right and straight. After the holes are drilled then you add the wall plug and the wall plug needs to be inserted in the wall and these are usually inserted with the hammer. After this, the wall channel is screwed in and then the shower screens Central Coast are installed in these. After this, you add the screw capping. If there is an additional component with your screen which could either be a towel or the rail then after you install and fix the shower screen then you need to install the rail or the tower. However, all of these are the steps for the simple shower screen which are usually hinged, for other kind of shower screens the steps could vary.