How Schaefer Racking Can Be Used To Eliminate Lost Inventory In Your Warehouse

With a fast moving retail environment, many warehouses are faced with handling more and more inventory than before. Many businesses are buying in bulk and keeping high inventory levels in order to minimize their product costs. This means that warehouses are faced with extra pressure to operate more efficiently in order to save costs. You’ll often notice how warehouses are managed the same way as an airport. Keep the inventory flowing both inwards and outwards. However, in such a faced paced environment, it is difficult to maintain exactly which inventory is being removed. Many warehouses have failed because they were constantly moving new inventory in and out while the old inventory was left to expire at the back of the storage racks. Therefore, warehouses have come up with innovative racking systems from B & R Storage Systems, such as Schaefer racking, to allow inventory to flow in a consistent pattern, thereby reducing inventory loss.

Many products have a specific shelf life. Businesses always try to ensure that these products are sold out before the product reaches its expiry date. Therefore, it is crucial that warehouses have a ‘first in, first out’ policy which allows inventory to flow in a controlled manner. Restrictions in the flow of inventory often depends on the arrangement of the products on the shelves as well as the design of the brownbuilt shelving themselves. The Pallet flow racking system allows businesses to move inventory in a controlled speed, which allows those products that have entered the warehouse first, to leave the warehouse first. In warehouse, speed is a major factor which impacts the efficiency of operations. This racking system allows products to move quickly through the racks through the use of pallets with standardized measurements. Why increase storage space when you can use existing space more efficiently.

While warehouses are largely dependent on the speed at which products move in and out of the system, this is not the only measure of a warehouses efficiency. Another major factor that you should consider within your warehouse is the effective utilization of available space. Schaefer racking can help increase the storage efficiency by up to 40% as it has a high vertical capacity. Schaefer racking contains racks of up to 10 meters vertically which allows you to store more products per square meter. It also allows for the storage of different types of products in a single warehouse. This is crucial for retailers where a variety of products need to be stored and transported simultaneously. All these benefits point towards cost reduction, especially in the case of fast moving goods. In addition to cost reduction, Schaefer racking is also safer than other models so you’ll never have to worry about workplace accidents again.